PS50 Notes 3

PS50 Notes 3 - doesnt transfer, like plurality...

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Tutoring 10/6 What is comparative politics? Comparing different governments Democracies, authoritarians, etc. Culture…how it influences Economic theories Modernization Theory Democracy and wealth go together o If democratic, become wealthier o Some countries are democratic, but not wealthy EX. Mexico, India, Latin America o Generally true that democracies are wealthier Dependency Theory Idea that a country exploits another country while depending on them EX. Cotton…U.S could ONLY sell to Britain and Britain would set the price and sell for a bigger profit to other countries Mutual dependence…but one has more power Electoral Systems Plurality…most votes Majority…[50 +1], have a runoff PR…percent of votes equal the percent of seats in legislature SMD…single member district; more often related to presidential Alternative (STV)…rank your candidates Approval…yes or no for everyone SNTV…like alternative, but
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Unformatted text preview: doesnt transfer, like plurality PRESIDENTIALISM President is head Direct or indirect election Elected by people indirectly 3 branchesindependent Mutual comes in by checks and balances PARLIAMENTALISM Only one branch, dependent off each other PM is chosen by legislature Majority leader can become PM An indirect election Checks, but no balances Great Britain in bicameralupper (House of Lords) and lower (House of Commons) Discussion 10/6 PRES. President is independent by legislature President appoints cabinet Fixed election termsevery 4 years Has some law-making authoritydecrees, vetoes PARLI. The powerdependent on legislature Vote of no confidenceany vote brought up in parliament Have elections whenever they wantcan dissolve government HYBRID Shared power...
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PS50 Notes 3 - doesnt transfer, like plurality...

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