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PS50 Notes 3 - doesn’t transfer like plurality...

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Tutoring 10/6 What is comparative politics? Comparing different governments Democracies, authoritarians, etc. Culture…how it influences Economic theories Modernization Theory Democracy and wealth go together o If democratic, become wealthier o Some countries are democratic, but not wealthy EX. Mexico, India, Latin America o Generally true that democracies are wealthier Dependency Theory Idea that a country exploits another country while depending on them EX. Cotton…U.S could ONLY sell to Britain and Britain would set the price and sell for a bigger profit to other countries Mutual dependence…but one has more power Electoral Systems Plurality…most votes Majority…[50 +1], have a runoff PR…percent of votes equal the percent of seats in legislature SMD…single member district; more often related to presidential Alternative (STV)…rank your candidates Approval…yes or no for everyone SNTV…like alternative, but
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Unformatted text preview: doesn’t transfer, like plurality PRESIDENTIALISM • President is head • Direct or indirect election • Elected by people indirectly • 3 branches…independent • Mutual comes in by checks and balances PARLIAMENTALISM • Only one branch, dependent off each other • PM is chosen by legislature • Majority leader can become PM • An indirect election • Checks, but no balances • Great Britain in bicameral…upper (House of Lords) and lower (House of Commons) Discussion 10/6 PRES. • President is independent by legislature • President appoints cabinet • Fixed election terms…every 4 years • Has some law-making authority…decrees, vetoes PARLI. • The power…dependent on legislature • Vote of no confidence…any vote brought up in parliament • Have elections whenever they want…can dissolve government HYBRID • Shared power...
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PS50 Notes 3 - doesn’t transfer like plurality...

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