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Bio 97 Genetics Discussion Worksheet #2: The Central Dogma and Chromatin Structure 1) __ _Transcription is the process by which DNA is copied into mRNA before it becomes a protein. The ___ anti-sense (template) _____________ DNA strand is the strand that is transcribed. 2) T/ F The primary transcript is processed into mRNA in prokaryotes. Primary strand is processed into mRNA in eukaryotes 3) Below is a sequence of double-stranded DNA with the template and sense strands labeled, and the introns underlined. Take this DNA strand through transcription, mRNA processing, and translation to a completed protein. Assume that transcription starts at the first DNA base pair given. Be sure to indicate the 5’ and 3’ ends of DNA and RNA, and the N and C termini of your protein. Write your answers under each heading provided. Template 3’: T A T G G C T T C C A G T A C C C G G T C T A C T A T A A A Sense 5’: A T A C C G A A G G T C A T G G G C C A G A T G A T A T T T A C A C C T C A G T A C C G G G C G A T C
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Bio+97+Disc+Worksheet+2AnswerKey - Bio 97 Genetics...

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