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Bio 97 Genetics Discussion Worksheet #1 1.) DNA polymerization occurs in what direction? 2.) The DNA template is read in what direction? 3.) DNA is said to have polarity.  Describe why and also the groups that you would expect to  find at each end of a single strand of DNA. 4.) You were recently hired to work at a biotech company and your PI is studying the effects  of Drug X on gene regulation.  You are asked to extract total RNA from rat tissue, convert  it all into cDNA, and perform PCR in order to determine which genes are up/down  regulated.  On the axis below, draw out a diagram (graph) showing each PCR temperature 
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Unformatted text preview: and label the reaction. Describe each reaction. Remember, that for each reaction, the temperature is held for some time. Temp (˚C) Time 5.) Meselson-Stahl experiment: How did this experiment prove that DNA replication is semi-conservative? 6.) True or False: A DNA strand terminating in a dideoxynucleotide will still be able to elongate. 7.) In a double stranded DNA, the percentage of adenine is 30%. What is the percentage of cytosine? 8.) Name the 2 enzymes required for formation of Okazaki fragments (OF): 9.) Name the 2 enzymes required to connect OF’s:...
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Bio+97+Genetics+Discussion+Worksheet+1 - and label the...

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