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Lecture+notes+11 - Copy - Lecture Notes Bio 109 Fall 2010...

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Lecture Notes Bio 109, Fall 2010, Dr. Catherine Loudon Lecture 11 – 10/20/10 – Muscles 1) Announcements a) Two sections of Ch 12 not responsible for until cover exercise topic (11/29): i) "Skeletal muscle contraction requires a steady supply of ATP" ii) "Skeletal muscle fibers are classified by speed and resistance to fatigue" b) Opportunity to participate in research study (posted on EEE site, UCI clubs/opportunity page) 2) Excitation-contraction coupling (Fig. 12-11) a) Excitation – electrical events b) Contraction – mechanical events 3) Nobel prize not awarded to scientists who described sliding filament theory a) Rolf Niedergerke, Sir Andrew Huxley, Hugh Huxley, and Jean Hanson (deceased) were honored on the cover of Nature magazine in 2004 to celebrate 50 th anniversary of their papers published in Nature in 1954 b) http://blogs.nature.com/austinelliott/2010/03/24/pioneer-of-muscle-contraction 4) Contraction = generation of force (tension) a) A muscle MIGHT get shorter as it contracts, but it can also stay the same length or get
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