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Lecture+notes+16 - Lecture Notes Bio 109 Fall 2010 Dr...

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Lecture Notes Bio 109, Fall 2010, Dr. Catherine Loudon Lecture 16 – 11/01/10 – Blood vessels, blood pressure regulation 1) Announcements: Reminders: Test 2 is one week from today a) Quiz 5 closes today, Quiz 6 opens today b) Will schedule extra office hour this week in addition to usual (Tu, 9-10 am) 2) Your questions – What is heart disease? What is a heart attack? a) Useful sites or links i) Mayo Clinic ii) Centers for Disease Control iii) HealthiNation (good videos on atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease) (1) Watched first 2 minutes of movie http://www.healthination.com/heart_disease.php?bcpid=1119651433&bclid=1517 50039&bctid=203710699 iv) American Heart Association v) National Heart, Lung, and Blood Inst. (NIH) 3) Blood vessels a) Arrangement, different types (Fig. 15-1) b) Structure (Fig. 15-2; note sizes of vessels not drawn to scale) 4) Flow through capillary beds (Fig. 15-3, 15-16) a) Modified by smooth muscles in arteriole walls and precapillary sphincters b) Bypass through metarterioles 5) Angiogenesis – development of new blood vessels a)
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