Cyber Collection - 14 Anabrus simplex Morman Cricket...

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Cyber Collection 1) Diapheromera femorata -Giant Walkingstick 2) Parabacillus hesperus -Western Shorthorned Walkingstick view/410441 3) Diapheromera femorata -Walkingstick 4) Litaneutria minor- Preying Mantis 5) Gonatista grisea -Grizzled Mantid 6) Mantoida maya -Little Yucatan Mantid 7) Stagmomantis carolina- Carolina Mantid 8) Thesprotia graminis- Grass-like Mantis 9) Tenodera aridifolia - Chinese Mantid 10) Echidnophaga gallinacea - Sticktight Flea 11) Pardalophora haldemani- Haldeman’s Grasshopper 12) Trachyrhachys kiowa- Kiowa Grasshopper 13) Microtes pogonata- Grasshopper
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Unformatted text preview: 14) Anabrus simplex- Morman Cricket 15) Heliaula rufa- Rufous Grasshopper 16) Hadenoecus subterraneus- Common Cave Cricket 17) Amblytropidia mysteca- Brown Winter Grasshopper 18) Panchlora nivea- Green Banana Cockroach 19) Pycnoscelus surinamensis-Surinam roach 20) Pseudomops septentrionalis- Pale Bordered Field Cockroach 21) Cryptocercus punctulatus -Brown-hooded Cockroach 1865 22) Anorostoma maculatum - Cryptic beach fly 23) Villa inops- Fly 24) Myzus cerasi-Black Cherry Aphid 25) Orthemis ferruginea-Roseate Skimmer
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Cyber Collection - 14 Anabrus simplex Morman Cricket...

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