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Formal Report Template - Template for Formal Lab Reports...

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Template for Formal Lab Reports Why Write a Formal Lab Report? Every student who participates in the General Chemistry laboratory must submit a typed report once a quarter in the JACS (Journal of the American Chemical Society) style. The goal of the report is to communicate the experiments that you have conducted. Using the template 1. Abbreviated instructions for using the template follow. 2. Type your manuscript directly into the template, select (highlight) the text of the template that you want to replace and begin typing your manuscript (i.e., the select the Title section for typing in your title). 3. To insert graphics within the text or as a figure, chart, scheme, or table, create a new line and insert the graphic where desired. 4. Proof a printout of the manuscript to ensure that all parts of the report are present and clearly legible. 5. Ensure that page numbers are present on all pages before submitting your report. 1
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TITLE. The title should accurately, clearly, and concisely reflect the emphasis and content of the paper. The title must be brief and grammatically correct
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Formal Report Template - Template for Formal Lab Reports...

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