HW1pledged - 2 until it reaches a maximum speed of 40 m/s,...

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PHYS 125 HW #1 1 PHYS 125 Pledged Homework #1 Due Tuesday September 7, 9:20 am Pledged Problems (10 points each) You are allowed to use your book and any class notes to help you solve these problems, but you are not permitted to seek help from anyone else including materials found on the internet. These problems should represent your individual work. You may direct questions to the instructors or TAs, who are limited in the amount of help they can provide for pledged problems. To receive credit, you must include and sign the following pledge on the homework assignment. “On my honor I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this homework problem.” 1. A speeding car traveling 30 m/s passes a sheriff stopped at the side of the road. Passed by the speeder, the sheriff hits the accelerator pedal at the same instant the car passes him. (Call this t=0 in your solution.) If the sheriff’s custom cruiser can accelerate from rest at 1 m/s
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Unformatted text preview: 2 until it reaches a maximum speed of 40 m/s, answer the following: a) How long does it take for the sheriff to reach maximum speed? [ 2pt] b) Does the sheriff catch the car while he is still accelerating? [2 pt] c) How long after he is passed does the sheriff catch the speeding car? [3 pt] d) What is the sheriffs speed when he overtakes the speeding car? [3 pt] PHYS 125 HW #1 2 2. You are an emergency room physician on a backpacking trip when your companions dog has unfortunately gotten entangled with some fishing gear and has a triple hook caught in its mouth. You have your black bag with you and can administer some anesthesia to put the dog under in order to remove the fish hook. Determine the best dose for the dog, a Labrador retriever puppy that weighs 10 kg. A normal dose for an adult male (90 kg) is 450 mg....
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HW1pledged - 2 until it reaches a maximum speed of 40 m/s,...

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