A Single Act Can Change - A Single Act Can Change a Life I...

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A Single Act Can Change a Life I am very optimistic about the fact that any good thing we do, no matter how big or small it is, can leave a great impact on someone else. Each of our experiences contributes to the totality of our being. Each event in our life makes an impact on us today. Everything we do affects our surroundings. A moment, no matter how quick it is, makes a difference in our life or in the lives of other people. In the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, the main character, Jean Valjean, was changed by a single act of mercy shown by Bishop Monseigneur Myriel. Jean Valjean was convicted because of stealing a loaf of bread. After nineteen years of suffering in prison, he was finally released but was condemned by the villagers of Digne. Only Bishop Myriel accepted him wholeheartedly and treated him like a normal person. But although the bishop showed him benevolence, Jean Valjean returned his charity by stealing Bishop Myriel’s silverware. He tried to escape but he was caught by the police. When he was brought back to the church, the bishop lied and told the police that he gave the silverware to Jean Valjean. Jean Valjean was touched by the bishop’s kindness and promised to be a good man from that day on. In this novel, a simple act of kindness shown by the bishop made Jean Valjean mend his ways from being a violent and brutal ex – convict to a generous and peace – loving leader of Montreuil. The act of love
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A Single Act Can Change - A Single Act Can Change a Life I...

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