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University of Florida EEL 4744 Dr. Gugel Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Spring 2010 Page 1/1 Lab #2: F28335 Dev Board Construction & CC4 Assembly/Debugging Purpose In this lab you will add headers to access ports and address lines on your F28335 Development Board. Upon completing this you will then go through Tutorial #2 that guides you on how to create a project under Code Composer V4 (CC4). Following this, you will then learn how to use the debugging tools as described in Tutorial #3. Assembly code, memory maps and other pertinent information to this lab will be discussed in detail in class. In-Lab Board Construction Mount headers in the DSP GPIO, Address & Control Bus, Data Bus, ADC and CPLD HEADER positions on your F28335 Dev Board. Note: The long header pin side should be pointing down from the bottom of the dev board. Next mount headers in the CPLD JTAG and CPLD JUMPERS positions. These headers should have the long side pointing up on top of the dev board. See your TA for clarity before
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