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Quiz 4 (10 points) EEE 3396 Fall 2009 Name………………………… PIN (any 4 digits)………. . SOLUTION Closed book, no notes. Show work for credit and box-in your answer specified in proper units. Note c= 3x10 8 m/s, h=6.63x10 -34 J.s, m o =9.11x10 -31 kg, q=1.6x10 -19 C, n iSi (300K)=1.5x10 10 /cm 3 , ε o =8.85x10 -12 F/m or 8.85x10 -14 F/cm, ε rSI = 11.8, k=1.38x10 -23 J/K, ε rSIO2 =3.9, T=300K, E gSi =1.11eV, 1 eV=1.6x10 -19 J, 1 Angstrom =10
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Unformatted text preview: -10 m. Given the following electric field and carrier density profiles indicate, using arrows, the direction of n (drift) j n (drift) . . n (diff) . . j n (diff) . . p (drift) . . j p (drift) . . p (diff) j p (diff) p(x) n(x) Electric field x-axis...
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