Speech - How we me I was working as a cashier at a Hardware Store Winston always came into buy material This time he came in and tried to talk to

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How we me. I was working as a cashier, at a Hardware Store, Winston always came into buy material. This time he came in and tried to talk to me, I payed no attention to him and continued to work. I started to miss seeing him, and then again he came back to the store. I said to myself, what is he planning to do with all of this material. This time he payed is US Dollars, this got my attention because I had to calculate the US dollar in order to accept the payment. After that I noticed him outside smoking a ciggerette. I was upset about that, that’s when I realized I had some feelings for him. He saw me in a taxi, waiting for other passengers and jumped in, when I arrived to my stop, I handed my money to the driver, but he said it was already paid for by the gentleman. I realized then after he was checking out where I lived. Then one day as I was walking home from work my boss pass and saw me speaking to Winston, the following day, my boss told me that he was a good boy, and he came from a good family background. Then Winston told me he was going to ask my Dad to marry me, I told him No Way, He
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