Prewriting Lesson U2 - memories Prewriting is the stage in...

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Descriptive writing  helps the reader experience the subject described. This type of writing requires strong  observation skills , precise, informative  word choice , and effective  organization  of details. Keep these things in mind as you start writing a descriptive essay: choose a  subject  choose a  vantage point  write a  unified, coherent,  and  vivid description  o create a  topic sentence  o include  details  that support the topic sentence  o use  sensory details  o organize  your details  o use  transitions  to achieve  coherence  o use  descriptive language  o use  analogies  o produce a  mood   Step 1: Prewriting  includes using strategies to generate, plan, and organize ideas for specific purposes. During the prewriting stage, you should decide what you want to write about by exploring ideas, feelings, and 
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Unformatted text preview: memories. Prewriting is the stage in which you not only decide what your topic is, but . .. • you refine, focus, and explore your topic • you gather information about your topic • you make notes about what you want to say about your topic • you also think about your audience and purpose After you have decided on a topic and explored it, making notes about what you will include, you will need to arrange and organize your ideas. This is done during the prewriting stage, before you actually draft your essay. Many variables must come together before you can even begin writing an essay....
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