Unit 2 Review - Review Common Sense- Antimonarchy pamphlet...

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Review Common Sense- Antimonarchy pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that convinced many American colonists of the need to break away from Britain Townshend Acts- Series of laws that included duties on lead, paper, tea, paint and glass being imported into America Battle of Saratoga- Revolutionary war battle in New York that resulted in a major defeat of British troops; marked the Patriots’ greatest victory up to that point in the war Battle of Yorktown- Last major battle of the revolutionary war, side of British general Charles Cornwallis’s surrender to the patriots in Virginia Olive Branch Petition- Last Attempt to make peace with Great Britain Patriots- American colonists who fought for independence from Britain during the Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris of 1783- Peace agreement that officially ended the Revolutionary War and established British recognition of the United States Boston Massacre- Incident in which British soldiers fired into a group of colonists, killing five people George Washington- Leader of the Continental Army; presided over Constitutional Convention; first President of the United States Bicameral- A lawmaking body made up of two houses Loyalists- Colonists who sided with Britain in the American Revolution Federalists Party- Political party created in the 1790’s and influenced by Alexander Hamilton; wanted to strengthen the
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Unit 2 Review - Review Common Sense- Antimonarchy pamphlet...

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