Civil War Chronology - Occurred fourth Kansas Nebraska Act Occurred fifth Bleeding Kansas Occurred sixth Formation of Republican Party Occurred

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Civil War Chronology -- Practice Activity Directions:  This is a practice activity and does not have to be submitted for a grade.  You can  check your answers online after completing the activity.  Below each set of events, rearrange  the events in the correct order. Occurred first: First Battle of Bull Run Occurred second: Battle of Antietam Occurred third: Battle of Chancellorsville Occurred fourth: Battle of Gettysburg Occurred fifth: Battle of Vicksburg Occurred sixth: Sherman’s March to the Sea Occurred first: Missouri Compromise Occurred second: Compromise of 1850 Occurred third: Publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
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Unformatted text preview: Occurred fourth: Kansas Nebraska Act Occurred fifth: Bleeding Kansas Occurred sixth: Formation of Republican Party Occurred first: Bleeding Kansas Occurred second: Formation of Republican Party Occurred third: Dred Scott Decision Occurred fourth: Lincoln-Douglas Debates Occurred fifth: John Brown’s Raid Occurred sixth: Election of 1860 Occurred first: Election of 1860 Occurred second: Some Southern states secede Occurred third: Formation of Confederate States of America Occurred fourth: Shots fired at Fort Sumter...
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