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HUM 114 Week 5 Short Answer Responses

HUM 114 Week 5 Short Answer Responses - Running Head SHORT...

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Running Head: SHORT ANSWER RESPONSES 1 Short Answer Response Amanda Garcia, Santana Douglas, Eric Tenarvitz, Kris Sprague HUM 114 November 24, 2010 Lily Mavashev
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SHORT ANSWER RESPONSES 2 Answer Responses Pop culture does have a very large effect on people’s ability to be individuals in many different ways. Most of the things that we say and do are things that we have gotten from different aspects of pop culture; movies, music, celebrities, etc. The way some women do their hair today with the big poofs can be attributed to watching Snooki on the Jersey Shore, or the way that some teen boys are now wearing “skinny” jeans can be attributed to various band members in some alternative groups. Another huge example of pop culture effecting individuality is the Twilight frenzy; there has been a new fad where adolescents watch these movies, and want to be just like these vampires, so they are now sucking each other’s blood to prove their love. In today’s time, there are very few choices that do not reflect something that we have seen or heard in pop culture. As a group, we concur that we were all raised in a strict environment due to several different reasons such as military parents, parents who were school teachers, or just over protective parents who did not want harm to fall upon their children. However, we were also taught to learn by trial and error.
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