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Internet Case Amazon.com

Internet Case Amazon.com - involvement to a minimum 3...

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Brandon Tucker November 1, 2009 Internet Case Amazon.com 1. What might motivate some consumers to read a “Top Selling” list? Answer:   This is where the hot items would be.  They consumer would not have  to do any special searches; all the Hot items would be at the fingertips with just a  click to the list.  Easy access and quick results.   2. Is the consumer’s level of involvement with an online book purchase likely to be  high or low? Answer:   I would think the involvement would be low.  The consumer would  know what he/she wants based on the genre of books, in this case being online –  he/she could peruse the book purchases at his/her leisure keeping the 
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Unformatted text preview: involvement to a minimum. 3. Discuss the consumer buying process as it relates to a decision to purchase from Amazon.com? Answer: My wife just recently purchased some books from the site, and knowing her as I do, she did her research before even thinking of buying. Once she made her mind up and figured she would give the books a read, she looked for the best deal. Amazon.com having the best deal and the best selection for the authors she was interested end, made it a no brainier. Saved her and the baby a trip to Barnes and Noble....
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