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Brandon Tucker November 16, 2009 Case  www.iVillage.com   1. What target market can marketers access through iVillage?   Answer:  This website is completely geared to the female market.  Mostly what I  thought when I first accessed the site was the stay at home moms or anyone  who watches Oprah!  2. How can marketers target this community to market their goods and services?    Answer:  Marketers can submit goods and services through the webportal, the  chat rooms, the community boards, the postings, the blogs, photos.  The  marketing opportunities are endless on this sight.  Nearly everything I see is 
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Unformatted text preview: selling or advertising something. 3. Based on your knowledge of the characteristics of e-marketing, analyze the advertisements you observe on this website. Answer: Definitely reaching out to the female audience. Health and Body, Home and Garden, Parenting and Pregnancy are just some of the big phrases that stand out. Trying to capture that specific audience with time to and desire to read and learn about those subjects....
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