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RQ Chapter 10 - 2 What is the role of m-commerce in...

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Brandon Tucker March 28, 2010 MISM 3301 Questions RQ 1. How has Internet technology changed business models? · The Internet assists companies in adding value to the services and/or products that they are providing to customers. The sheer ease and instant accessibility to gain product information and reviews is critical in keeping cus- tomers coming back in the future. The model of e-commerce has emerged as the leading avenue where consumers are looking to purchase goods and services. · 6 e-commerce business models: storefronts, information brokers, transaction brokers, online marketplaces, content providers, and social networks. Pure- play business models are just that due to them being purely based on the In- ternet, whereas the clicks-and-motor version are virtually spin-offs off of a current feature such as the Dallas Morning News having all the same inform- ation available via the Web.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What is the role of m-commerce in business and what are the most important m-commerce applications? · M-commerce is a web oriented location based applications specifically geared towards finding hotels, restaurants, traffic, weather, and for providing personalized location based marketing. · Wireless features such as hand-helds and phones are being used for instant access to personal billing information, banking, securities trading, transporta-tion schedules, and constant updated digital content. The m-commerce does however require wireless portals and special digital payment systems to co-ordinate with the micro-payment times of today. · Downfalls to m-commerce are the amounts of data being accessed. Until the 3G broadband services come into widespread use, these devices will not be able to transmit or receive large amounts of data....
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