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Study Questions for Exam 3 - Study Questions for Exam 3 8...

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Study Questions for Exam 3 8. Know the equations for respiration and the carbonic anhydrase shift. Know the "CO2/O2 shuttle system" that defines how CO2 is transported from working tissues to the lungs and how O2 is transported from the lungs to working tissues. 9. What are the chemical properties of oxygen and carbon dioxide that require these gases to be transported? What is the structure of the key vertebrate respiratory pigment, where do the gases attach to the molecule, and how does the molecule change configuration when it is saturated? Know the difference between oxyhemo-globin, carbaminohemoglobin, and carboxyhemoglobin. In what form are O2 and CO2 transported? 10. What determines whether Hb will bind or dissociate with a gas molecule and how does it determine which gas? For this answer think about the Haldene Effect, partial pressure, and the sigmoid kinetics of oxygen-hemoglobin affinity. 11. How would one calculate the PP for a given gas, given the total atmospheric pressure? What is the average PP for oxygen in the pulmonary capillaries? In the systemic capillaries? At half saturation? How is PP related to Hb-oxygen saturation (describe properties of the sigmoid curve)? 12. What is the Bohr Effect? How does the kinetics/affinity of Hb for oxygen change if there are changes in PP CO2? pH? temperature? 2,3-DPG? CO poisoning? or changes in breathing/ventilation? Make sure that you can identify which of these conditions would force oxygen to dissociate sooner than normal and which would force oxygen to be retained longer than normal. Does this assist gas exchange? Why or why not? 13.
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Study Questions for Exam 3 - Study Questions for Exam 3 8...

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