Gardner - Bodily-Kinesthetic-Using one’s body to dance or...

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Gardner’s seven intelligences Gardner’s theory suggests that there are certain areas of the brain that control different skills or individual prefrences,He identified several areas of function or domains of functioning, which he called areas of Intelligence of which there are seven types. The first being Logical mathematical- Being able to process numbers, Understanding and use of logical, mathematical and Abstract systems. Linguistic- Having the ability to use words whether they are spoken or written down on paper saying words or phrases out load to be able to memorize them(learning and using language). Spatial-visual- to be able to visualize one’s ideas (such as a painter or inventor).Understanding and manipulating visual forms.
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Unformatted text preview: Bodily-Kinesthetic-Using one’s body to dance or show emotions or to to be able to build or construct things. Musical- To make music or compose songs, having rhythm or Understanding of music. Interpersonal-To be able read one’s feelings or emotions or body expressions. Intrapersonal-To have self knowledge, Having a picture of one’s awareness and self discipline. Those are the seven intelligences that Gardner identified he will later also name two others, the ones I most identify with are Linguistic and Body-Kinesthetic I often had to use both while I was in the military because we Often had to use hand signals or while we were constructing shelters for ourselves....
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Gardner - Bodily-Kinesthetic-Using one’s body to dance or...

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