B1notes - Supplementary Course Module B Algebraic Expressions Assignment 1 De nitions and Laws of Exponents Terminology Algebra uses symbols

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Supplementary Course Module B: Algebraic Expressions Terminology: Algebra uses symbols [ usually letters ] to represent quantities which are unknown or which can vary. divided together. For example, the term 3 x is made of the coefficient " 3 " multiplied with the variable x ; the term a 2 b 3 c is comprised of the coef²cient " 1 " and variables a , b and c . ab = ba . 5 xy , ± 1 2 xy and p 3 yx are all like terms; 5 x 2 y and 5 xy 2 are not like terms, as the ²rst has two factors of x and one factor of y as its variable part, whereas the second term has one factor of x and two factors of y . x , is an algebraic expression having the following form: a n x n + a n 1 x n 1 + ²²² + a
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