I never thought of myself as a negotiator

I never thought of myself as a negotiator - grew older and...

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I never thought of myself as a negotiator, I am a confrontational by nature and it`s among traits I don’t like about myself and I am trying hard to change. In the past I always tried to be in a win-lose situation when I try to get as much as I can with a less cost for me and I never bothered to think about the other party. I am Moroccan and bargaining is very important over there you are trained to negotiate for everything. The way was not important to me as long as I get the deal I want. As I
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Unformatted text preview: grew older and wiser, I am more prone to get into win-win situation, while I try to always be honest and candid, get the maximum I can get on the table and keep everyone happy. The Personal bargaining inventory clarified and outlined terms and negotiation behaviors that I always knew existed but never knew how they were called. I am looking forward to start this class, because I do need a lot of negotiation skills in various aspects of my life. Meryem Easley D01238352...
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