Universal computers Redone.

Universal computers Redone. - Universal Computers...

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Universal Computers negotiation journal What was the name of the negotiation exercise? What kind of situation am I facing? What was my role? Universal Computer Company, I was the plant manager of Crawley who was responsible of defectives modules shipped to Philips. Philips is threatening to return all the defective modules and insist that the standards have to be maintained for the 42 modules. What are my goals and expectations for this negotiation? Specifics. My Goal was at any price not t have Philips ship back all the modules and work something to avoid all the returns. I was also hoping to manipulate Philips plant manager into avoiding the issue of responsibility all together and start working as one team to resolve the problem in hands, plus I wanted to save as much money as possible in the process. If I had to pay 15000$ a week for the rejected module, so the fastest I get the Philips to agree with the negotiation the less money I am loosing. What uncertainties do I confront? Why? I was not sure about my opponents’ collaboration. I noticed from her past negotiation that my opponent had not problem walking from the negotiation table without a deal and that what worried me. She is also in a power position, which leaves me with a little or no wiggle room. What skill(s) will I try to exhibit and/or test? Why? My best skill was to manipulate heather as Philips plant manager to work with me as one team. If I avoided the source of the conflict all together, I will be able to convince her that we are on the same side and then we can look for solutions in more collaborative ways. If I was claiming value, she will argue back that the problem generated at the Crawley plan and we had to fix it. That`s why I needed an integrative approach to this issue so I can turn the table and approach it with more positive attitude. Who were your opponents (names)? How well prepared were they? Heather was my opponents, to my surprise she was very collaborating, It took half as much as I was expecting to manipulate her as I expected to do . She agreed with all my suggestions and I didn`t have to make a lot of effort convincing her. I guess she came in with collaboration in mind. That`s what made things very easy.
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Analysis What was your “BATNA” for this simulation? What was your “bottom line”— the minimum you would have accepted from the other party (in concrete
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Universal computers Redone. - Universal Computers...

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