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Exam 2 American CIV notes 4. The Missouri Compromise,1820 What happened to the first two party system ? The biggest was that of Alien sedition acts Alien sedition acts were four bills passed in 1798 by the Federalists in the United States Congress —who were waging an undeclared naval war with France, later known as the Quasi-War and signed into law by President John Adams . Proponents claimed the acts were designed to protect the United States from alien citizens of enemy powers and to stop seditious attacks from weakening the government A number of federalist mistier lost their position because of that. 12 years later …1812 ,we end up in a war with great Britain again .But we won The federal decided to be anti federalist war party James Madison, Really bad commander in chief . The 4th president of America He supervised the Louisiana purchase United states declared war on British. How did the war with British started ? Immediate causes for the U.S. declaration of war were the seizure of British-born US citizens into the Royal Navy and a series of trade restrictions that the U.S. contested as illegal under international law, as well as alleged British military support for American Indians who were hostile to the United States. As president, Madison led the nation into the war 0f 1812 against Great Britain in order to protect the United States' economic rights. That conflict began poorly as Americans suffered defeat after defeat by smaller forces, but ended on a high note in 1815, with the Treaty of Ghent, after which a new Era of Good Feelings swept the country The British never completely evacuated forts at all….that was the other problem. American cit were supposed to pay of depts. after the war to the British. By 1815, Madison supported the creation of the second national bank, a strong military, and a high tariff to protect the new factories opened during the war. Party system
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The reason for existence of two part is to insure the survival of a party. Therefore there must be an opponent. 1819-20 the territory of Missouri decided at once to be a state. One of the qualification was that the territory of the population to be 10,000 Tomas stands up from the northern in the congress. He raise up a bill and proposed ,"if Missouri is to become a state no further introduction of slavery in Missouri All Missouri's slaves will be freeed once they reach the age of 25." In the meanwhile Iowa 1946 became a state. This was a sentiment that would grow in the northern. Every southern in the early ages were wealthy and this was the main reason that they owned slave. The congressmen refused the bill. Because if you stop it somewhere then at one point would it be stopped at all. Henry Clay from Kentucky would come foreword and suggest the compromise. They
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Exam 2 American CIV notes - Exam 2 American CIV notes 4 The...

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