Anth 2 Course Syllabus Fall 2010-6

Anth 2 Course Syllabus Fall 2010-6 - ANTHROPOLOGY 2...

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ANTHROPOLOGY 2 INTRODUCTORY CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY FALL 2010 MWF 1:00-1:50 CAMPBELL HALL DR. CASEY WALSH HSSB 2081 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 2-3. Anthropology is the study of humans, their society and culture. This course introduces students to sociocultural anthropology, its concepts and methods, stressing both the incredible diversity of human experience, as well as those things that we all share. Anthropology is wide in scope, encompassing topics such as language, religion, family, law, politics, economy, technology, science, expressive arts, sexuality, gender, environment, and more. The discipline is defined to a good degree by the way that anthropologists approach these topics: with holism, relativism, and comparison. This approach encourages the study of people different from us, but it also helps us understand ourselves, and why we see the world the way we do. Requirements of the Course There are 400 possible points divided equally into four areas: 1) Participation : 100 points. The grade for participation will be based on: 1) section attendance and participation (40 pts). 2) turning in notes on the films to your TA at section (20 pts). 3) Online Ethics Exercise (40 pts). 2) Ethnographic Paper (Due 11/22) : 100 points. Each student will write a 5 page ethnographic paper that explores the following question: What do people think about the environment? The student will use ethnographic research methods to understand the everyday understanding of the environment among a particular group of people. Details of this assignment will be provided in discussion section. 3) Midterm Exam
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Anth 2 Course Syllabus Fall 2010-6 - ANTHROPOLOGY 2...

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