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Research Design response - Research Design Grading Scale...

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Anth 2 – TA Vogt – Moving Ahead from the Research Design to Research Itself Research Design Grading Scale Grade Explanation What to Read in this Document 3/3 Research plan is on track OR Research plan is ALMOST on track, but the plan is well thought through Definitely: #1, #4, #6, #7 Perhaps: #2, #3 2/3 * Research question is not anthropological yet, the project group and the research question either are not meaningful matches/are too broad, AND/OR the rest of the project (finding informants, methods) is not conceptualized thoroughly All 1/3 * Project does not address the project prompt, significant portions of the research design are missing AND/OR is not planned well All *If you received less than full credit on your research design, it indicates that it needs improvement. You may submit a revised version of your research design to me by 10/22 5 p.m. (HSSB) for re-grading (and the option to receive full credit). Framing the Project #1 : Framing the research project is important: The seemingly little decisions you make about your project at this point in the quarter (such as your research question and group) will have a large effect on the success of the project overall. Successfully framing the project is important for many reasons: (1) it shows how well you can apply anthropological concepts (above just memorizing and repeating them), (2) it will determine much of the fate of the final paper – what makes a paper interesting (or boring) has as much to do with the creativity of the project as with the skill of the writing, and (3) it forecasts the potentia of the project for you (Who are you going to meet by doing the project? What sector of society are you going to learn something about?, What aspect of human behavior and culture will you spend a lot of time observing, talking, and thinking about?) #2 : Research Question - Is it Anthropological? Does it address the project prompt? Many research plans articulated a question that is not, by itself, explicitly anthropological. For instance: How do you feel about seals on the beach?/How do you feel about pollution – not, on its own, an anthropological inquiry. Here’s how to fix it:
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Research Design response - Research Design Grading Scale...

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