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AnthroEthicsEssay - My essay for the online ethics project

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In anthropological research today, a schism divides two different fields of thought regarding who the beneficiary of research projects truly is. One argument insists that the anthropologist who conducts the research is the only beneficiary since an anthropo- logists’ worth is often based on their number of publications, as a result, these anthropo- logists sidestep the ethical and moral boundaries in order to finish a study without con- sidering the well-being of the people they were studying. Others argue that the benefi- ciaries of this research are the associations that funded these research projects, as well as the population being studied; the research institutes gain valuable information as well as the field of anthropology as a whole, and the studied population gains enrichment as well as outside help to any crisis they may be experiencing Those who argue that it is only the anthropologist that benefits from research be-
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