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Field Notes Before I actually conducted two informal interviews, I took the time to observe the setting that my group of research (surfers) would be in before I approached them with my questions. To start, I went to the parking lot overlooking campus point and watched the type of people that frequented this parking lot. The surfers came and went, and more often than not, they only checked the surf but did not actually go surfing, but that could have been due to the fickle surfing conditions. One thing that I noticed without talking to any of the surfers is that many of them were carpooling. Whether it was a boyfriend and a girlfriend surfing together, two or three guys piled in a car, or a father taking his children surfing, it appeared as if many of them were carpooling. I didn’t immediately assume that this was an environmentally conscious decision, since there is probably a camaraderie involved with surfing with your friends or family. Solely by judging from material possessions, the economic diversity among those who surf is great, and at least of those who had surfboards on their cars, the people and the manner they came to check the surf had a huge variety. Before I approached anyone I came to the conclusion that the activity of surfing is a large and diverse community formed by people of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life; however the sport of surfing unites them all and these complete strangers are friendly towards one another when they are changing into their wetsuit, checking the surf, etc. This community aspect of the activity makes me think that people will be more aware of their impact on the environment because they share it and care for it with the whole surfing community. Once I had assessed the setting that surfers interact in, I approached two male surfers
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AnthroFieldNotes - field notes for research project

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