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Title Anthropologists often ask the question “How do people interact with their environment?”. Those who use the environment in their everyday lives are more indebted to it, and therefore have a connection to it that requires their protection and conservation of the environment. Furthermore, those who surf may be more inclined to care about their environment since they participate in behavior that depends on the well being of the environment. Surfers will do this because they know, better than anyone, how fragile the environment surrounding our coastline is. In the Santa Barbara area, tar, water quality, and beach closures are all issues that surfers are aware of. Despite the laid back nature associated with “surfers”, many take a very proactive approach to protecting and preserving the environment. Having talked to surfers and surfboard manufacturers in the Santa Barbara area, my research suggests that there is a conscious effort being made to preserve the environment that this group of people participate in. The target group observed were surfers in the Santa Barbara area who frequent the beaches of Campus point, Deverauex point, and Sands beach. The surfers I chose to talk to were on their way to go surfing, or had already been surfing and were preparing to leave the beach. One thing that I noticed without talking to any of the surfers is that many of them were carpooling. Whether it was a boyfriend and a girlfriend surfing together, two or three friends piled in a car, or a father taking his children surfing, it appeared as if many of them were carpooling. I didn’t immediately assume that this was an environmentally conscious decision, since there is probably a camaraderie involved with surfing with your friends or family. This group consisted of people of all ages, races and (I assume) skill levels, but nonetheless, they all seemed friendly towards one another as if there was an unspoken bond between the group. I did not expect to find such unity among a group that participates in an individual sport, however this was helpful in my attempt to conclude how and why these people behave in a certain way. This community aspect of the
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activity makes me think that people will be more aware of their impact on the environment because they share it and care for it with the whole surfing community. I approached these people in their ‘environment’; that being a parking lot or beach where they were getting ready to surf, checking the surf, or finishing surfing, etc. I simply asked them questions
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AnthroResearchPaper - research paper on surfer's...

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