Lecture4 - Lecture 4 Biology/Language/Culture -autonomous...

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Lecture 4 Biology/Language/Culture -autonomous aspects of human life -none reducible to the other Applied Anthropology -knowledge and citizenship -defended individual liberties, humanism -criticized: divisive, oppressive, unscientific ideas: racism, nationalism -criticized irresponsible science (spies for governments) Boas’ Legacy: -Cultural Anthropology -Four Fields Approach -Responsible, relevant anthropology What does evolution mean First: maturation of an individual Later: process of natural historical development across generations Biology-Darwin Natural selection: the mechanism of evolution “evolution by variation and selective retention” -struggle for existence -differential fitness -variety inherited No foresight to evolution: no necessary destination Peter and Rosemary Grant -changes in environmental conditions -finches with long strong beaks were the best able to survive drought conditions
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Lecture4 - Lecture 4 Biology/Language/Culture -autonomous...

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