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Lecture 1 Psychology, Bio-psych, Neuro-psych, etc. are artificial constructs (they can’t be physically studied) -they reflect different human methodologies -In reality they all study one entity The brain’s weight is 2% of the body’s weight -The brain’s energy consumption is 20% of the body’s energy -recent research suggests that less than 5% of this energy is used to perceive external sources -Dark energy Color and brightness are actively created in the brain “As long as the brain remains an arcanum, the universe, a reflection of its structure, will also be a mys- tery”- Ramon Cajol “There is little chance that any deep understanding of the nature of the mind can come about without first learning much more about the very basis of physical reality”- Roger Penrose First attempt to understand the brain -trepanation may represent a prehistoric understanding of the brain’s role in behavior
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