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Lecture5 - Lecture 5 The meninges-3 membranes cover...

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Lecture 5 The meninges -3 membranes cover CNS -dura mater -arachnoid -pia mater 1) notice: major blood vessels in the subarachnoid space 2) the subarachnoid space is also filled with CSF -There are no pain receptors in the brain itself -there are many pain receptors in the meninges -usual headaches caused by irritation of the dura -a sudden, extreme severe headache may mean that a blood vessel ruptured in the subarachnoid space and that the brain is being flooded with blood -emergency surgery may be needed within hours to prevent a fatal outcome -an infection of the meninges is called meningitis -a brain tumor in the meninges is called a meningioma -aneurysms are abnormal, balloon like outpouchings of an artery and may suddenly rupture -approximately 20% of brain tumors are meningiomas -meningiomas are likely to cause headaches -in women, they are associated with breast cancer -meningiomas are one of the “best” types of brain cancer in that they are often easy to remove The Blood Supply
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