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BioPsych Lecture Notes Psychology, Bio-psych, Neuro-psych, etc. are artificial constructs (they can’t be physically studied) -they reflect different human methodologies -In reality they all study one entity The brain’s weight is 2% of the body’s weight -The brain’s energy consumption is 20% of the body’s energy -recent research suggests that less than 5% of this energy is used to perceive external sources -Dark energy Color and brightness are actively created in the brain “As long as the brain remains an arcanum, the universe, a reflection of its structure, will also be a mys- tery”- Ramon Cajol “There is little chance that any deep understanding of the nature of the mind can come about without first learning much more about the very basis of physical reality”- Roger Penrose First attempt to understand the brain -trepanation may represent a prehistoric understanding of the brain’s role in behavior -eqyptians discarded the brain during mummification, yet provided modern- sounding descriptions of structure and the effects of brain injury -Greeks understood brain was organ of sensation -Hippocrates viewed the rbain as the source of intellect, but this role was given to the heart by Aristotle, and to brain ventricles by Herophilus -Galen made many accurate anatomical observations, but continued the misunderstanding of the brain ventricles Rene Descartes (1596-1650) -imagined the brain as a sophisticated mechanism of pumps and valves -biased by the technology around him -proposed mind-body dualism, which maintains that the body is mechanical and the mind is neither phys- ical nor available to scientific observation -what is monism? -thought that soul is part of body, in the brain Luigi Galvini established electricity as the mode of communication used by the nervous system Electricity as the FOrce of life Mary Shelley. ... Frankenstein Hans Berger (1873-1941) -From a strange dream to “telepathy” to Brain Alpha waves. Santiago Ramon y Cajal and the neuron doctrine -Cajal believed that the nervous system is composed of independent, separate nerve cells. Phrenology: Steps forward and steps backwards -Phrenology, the correlation of bunps on the skull with personal traits, was misguided in most respects -Phrenology was modern in its acceptance that functions may be localized in the brain. Paul Broca (language) and Fritsch and Hitzig (motor systems) furthered the concept of localization of
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LectureNotesAll - BioPsych Lecture Notes Psychology,...

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