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Week 9 Business Portfolio Presentation

Week 9 Business Portfolio Presentation - Business Portfolio...

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Unformatted text preview: Business Portfolio Business Portfolio Presentation Brooke Huynh Bus 210 November 25, 2010 Mrs. Trish Young overview overview • • • • • • • Business Organization Potential legal or ethical issues Business culture Types of motivation Human resource management Technology Operations and materials management Business Organization Business Organization • Limited liability company Business Organization Planning Business Organization Planning • Money for the capital to start a business • Expenses of license fee, advertising, insurance, supplies, furniture, and ect. • Liabilities insurance for business, employees, and customers. • Estimate how much sale will make and number of employees Business Organization organizing Business Organization organizing Account receivable and payable Bank statement check to ensure withdrawal and fees correctly Pay bill on time Keep rules and policy for employees ethical behaviors Business Organization leading and Business Organization leading and controlling • Provide trains for employees and Respect • • • • employee Offer employee good benefits Money flowing in and out Ensure business is in place Ensure employee perform their as professional Potential legal or ethical issues Potential legal or ethical issues Business culture Business culture • Company purchase quality products and sale for • • • • reasonable price. Manager goal is to ensure worker to perform job accurately and as a team. Manager responsibilities is to direct and train new workers. Inventory supplies order and received. Employee performance their best service to offer customer cares and needs. Types of motivation Types of motivation • Pay holidays, retirement, and health benefits. • Pay vacation, allowed absences day, bonuses and incentive perform a high level. • Cash incentives and pay time off. Human resource management Human resource management • Motivate employees to performance their work • • • • productivity with training Trains employees to obtain their work as a professional operating Offer good health care , life insurance, and retirement Treats and pay employee well Paid vacation, holiday, bonus and incentive technology technology • Research and development to bring business more advance and technology. • Offer clients high quality products and low cost • Create new product help increase sales and profits • Advertise and be more responsive to customers needs Operations and materials Operations and materials management • Ensure clients satisfaction with purchase • • • • products experience Well design and latest products Offer the customers the right products and service Share clients with low costs and new improved products To innovation company with newest products is through research ...
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