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Unformatted text preview: 2-60 Chapter 2—Machines, Machine Languages, and Digital Logic Addressing Modes Described in RTN (Not SRC) Target register Mode name Assembler Syntax Register Ra Register indirect (Ra) Immediate #X Direct, absolute X Indirect (X) Indexed, based, X(Ra) or displacement Relative X(PC) Autoincrement (Ra)+ Autodecrement - (Ra) RTN meaning R[t] ← R[a] R[t] ← M[R[a]] R[t] ← X R[t] ← M[X] R[t] ← M[ M[X] ] R[t] ← M[X + R[a]] Use Tmp. Var. Pointer Constant Global Var. Pointer Var. Arrays, structs R[t] ← M[X + PC] Vals stored w pgm R[t] ← M[R[a]]; R[a] ← R[a] + 1 Sequential R[a] ← R[a] - 1; R[t] ← M[R[a]] access. Computer Systems Design and Architecture by V. Heuring and H. Jordan © 1997 V. Heuring and H. Jordan ...
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