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Assignment02Fall2010 - is this not a good idea in a stack...

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525.412 Computer Architecture Assignment 2 2.3 According to the discussion in Section 2.2.1, how many instructions would the MC6800 have to execute to move a 128-bit foating point-number From one memory location to another? 2.7 Write SRC code to implement the expression in Exercise 2.4. Assume SRC has a multiply instruction. 2.11 There are reasons For machine designers to want all instructions to be the same length. Why
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Unformatted text preview: is this not a good idea in a stack machine? 2.15 Encode the program on page 56 in hexadecimal. 2.21 ModiFy the SRC to include the swap (op=7) instruction that exchanges the contents oF two registers, ra and rb, by writing abstract RTN For the new instruction. 1...
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