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525.412 Computer Architecture Assignment 5 Solutions 5.3 Use a sheet similar to Figure 5.7 of the text to trace the code fragment given on page 191 through the pipeline. Assume the following decimal register and memory values: r1 = 1, r2 = - 4, r3 = 32, r5 = 8, addr1 = 1000, addr2 = 2000, PC = 100, M[2000] = 100. Insert nop bubbles into the pipeline as needed to resolve any dependences. 5.15 Describe in one paragraph the di±erence between the superscalar archi-
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Unformatted text preview: tecture and the VLIW architecture. 5.18 Write control sequences equivalent to those in Table 5.3 that implement the following constructs: a. repeat . .. until (Z); b. if (Z) { ... 1 } else { ... 2 } ; The subscripts indicate that code blocks 1 and 2 dier from one another. c. Is it possible to implement the for construct using the microcontroller architecture shown in Figure 5.24? Explain why or why not. 1...
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