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MidtermTestFall2010Solution - The Johns Hopkins University...

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The Johns Hopkins University Engineering and Applied Science Program for Professionals 525.412 Computer Architecture Midterm Test Solution 15 October 2010 1. Do a page check now. You should have one title page, six pages of problems, and a blank final page, totalling 8 pages in all. Please do not remove staples from the examination booklet. 2. Show all work to receive maximum partial credit. 3. Work neatly and strive for clarity. Unclear answers earn little credit (if any). 4. You may use any books or notes you have brought with you. 5. You may use any calculator or computer you have brought with you. You may not borrow a calculator or anything else from anyone during the exam. You may not communicate with anyone during the exam, whether classmates or not. 6. If you make any assumptions necessary to proceeding, state them clearly. 7. Each problem is worth the following points: Problem Points Score Problem Points Score 1 24 4 8 2 12 5 16 3 12 Total: 72 8. You have 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete the test. 9. When directed by your instructor, you may commence work. Good Luck! Name: Section: 31 Date: 15 October 2010
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15 October 2010 525.412 Midterm Test Solution Page 2 of 8 1. (24 pts) It is an error for the implementation of a processor instruction to corrupt any general-purpose register not explicitly identified in the abstract RTN for that instruction as a target register. Write concrete RTN steps and control signals for the SRC instruction str a. (8 pts) using the 1-bus SRC microarchitecture and Solution Page 62 of Heuring gives the abstract RTN for this instruction: str(:=op=4) M[rel] R[ra] : Step RTN for 1-bus SRC Control Sequence T0 MA PC : C PC +4; PC out , MA in , INC4, C in T1 MD M[MA] : PC C; C out , PC in , Read, Wait T2 IR MD; MD out , IR in T3 A c1 ( 21..0 ){ sign extend, 2’s comp } ; c1 out ,A in T4 C A + PC; PC out , ADD, C in T5 MA C; C out , MA in T6 MD R[rA]; R out ,G ra ,MD bus T7 M[MA] MD; MD wr ,Write,Wait,End b. (12 pts) using the 3-bus SRC microarchitecture.
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MidtermTestFall2010Solution - The Johns Hopkins University...

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