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1 Our Place in Nature ( or, Primate Evolution in 80 minutes ) IB35ac Class #2 Geologic Time Scale 53mya 1.8 mya 8 kya Present day cent life”) Quaternary Holocene Pleistocene (“the great ice age”) Era Period Epoch Pliocene 65 mya 55.5 mya 33.7 mya 23.8 mya 5.3 mya Cenozoic (“age of rec Tertiary Miocene Oligocene Eocene Paleocene Goal Line: Earth forms 22 yard line: first signs of life (cyanobacteria) 50 yard line: first eukaryotes 12 yard line: first metazoans 5.5 yard line: first mammals The Foot ball Analogy 1.5 yard line: first primates 4 inch line: first hominids 1/10 inch line: first humans • The origin of mammals – Charateristics (homiothermy, heterodontism, lactation, internal gestation) – Hadrocodium (China, early Jurassic ~195mya ~195mya) • 4 main groups – Monotremes – Marsupials – Multituberculates – Placentals Our closest living relatives • Our closest relatives – dermopterans Always beware the tyranny of the presen tyranny of the present
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class_2_our_place_in+nature_2010_for_web - Geologic Time...

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