There there is a lot of death what does this mean 2

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Unformatted text preview: ike their parents (kids inherit this variation). There There is a lot of death. What does this mean? 2 9/1/2010 Conclusion: Survival of the fittest. th fitt Darwin said that the natural variation in the population was selected on by the environment to cause cause evolution. Fitness: reproductive success Change Change over time is caused by differential reproductive success differential reproductive success. Individual Fitness: success in Fit promoting survival of one’s own genes; measured relative to other individuals Strategies for increasing fitness: IMPORTANT POINT: Reproductive success is NOT how many times you mate! Frogs: maximize production of offspring Monkeys: maximize care of just a few offspring 3 9/1/2010 Alfred Russell Wallace 1823 -- 1913 On On the Origin of Species Charles Darwin 1859 Darwin’s three main contributions: • Collected evidence to document the occurrence of evolution • Provided a natural mechanism for evolution (that natural selection is the creative force behind evolution) evolution) • Established a methodology and developed criteria for inferring the processes we cannot see from the results that have been preserved Before Darwin: • Species arose through a special creation and had not changed since • The Earth is not very old (John Lightfoot estimated estimated it’s creation at 9am on 23 Oct 4004 BC) • Linneaus and Cuvier • Lamark and Hutton And then there was Charles Darwin… • • • • • And Lyell… And Malthus…...
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