Citing a goal or purpose that is served by the thing

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Unformatted text preview: ary plasticity • Jean Baptiste de Lamarck – Transmutation – Teleological Teleology • “A teleological explanation is one that explains the existence of occurrence of something by citing a goal or purpose that is served by the thing is served by the thing…” • (from Daniel Dennett’s 1995 Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, p.24) Evolution by Natural Selection • Transmutation/evolution was not new • Theory of evolution BY NATURAL SELECTION was new • Selection by the environment brings order out of randomness (accumulation of design) • Natural selection answers the “why” question of evolution • Another important point: The individual is the most important unit of biological change • Another important point: Variation among individuals is essential What Darwin Actually Said • Proposed a testable hypothesis – Darwin writes 14 chapters trying to demonstrate that evolution by natural selection didn’t happen, but comes to the pp conclusion that all the data he compiled can’t refute this idea. Prelude to the Sc...
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