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9/4/2010 1 IB35 Human Biological Variation Class #4 Topics for today: The controversy of evolution Prelude to the Scopes Trial Summer for the Gods , by Edward J. Larson March 1925, Tennessee’s Butler Act is passed ACLU offered to defend anyone willing to teach evolution in defiance of this law City of Dayton (pop. 1,756), looking for publicity John Scopes indicted in April of 1925 The Scopes Trial Prosecution brings in William Jennings Bryan Defense then brings in Clarence Darrow Bryan’s view on evolution Darwinism undermined morality Vernon Kellogg, 1917, Headquarters Nights: A Record of Conversations and Experiences at the Headquarters of the German Army in Belgium and France Benjamin Kidd, 1918, The Science of Power James Leuba, 1916, The Belief in God and Immortality Herbert Spencer 1864 Principles of Biology Coined “survival of the fittest” the fittest But he really applied
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class_4_2010_for_web - 9/4/2010...

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