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IB35AC Paper Assignment Instructions What are the basic requirements for this assignment? You are assigned to write an original 3-4 page paper. You are given two options for your paper topic. Choose one. You’ll notice that there is not a simple answer for either of these. You are assigned to think through an argument and present it on paper. There is not a right answer or a wrong answer, rather, you will be graded on how well you make your argument. A “3-4 page paper” refers to the actual text of your paper. Cover page, figures, and references don’t count. Please don’t waste paper by printing a separate cover page or unnecessarily printing the references on another page. We won’t be fooled. You should write 750-1,000 words. Less than 750 is not enough detail; more than 1,000 is too much. You will be graded on how well you write. In order to make a good argument, you have to be able to convey your ideas effectively and efficiently. You have a month to work on this, so you can easily overcome any writing difficulties you may have. Good writers aren’t born that way – they work at it. We’ve provided tips on how to do this in the “Advice for Writing” handout. A Suggested Outline In your paper you need to: 1) set up the question and the opposing views 2) state your position 3) present at least 2 separate points of evidence that support your position 4) present a point that could be seen as contradicting your position 5) explain why this is not a detrimental blow to your position 6) summarize what you’ve presented and offer an idea for either a future research direction, or make a statement referring to the broader implications You can think of your paper in terms of paragraphs. For example: Paragraph 1: Introduction Paragraph 2: Background, additional information (if needed) Paragraph 3: Supporting point 1 Paragraph 4: Supporting point 2 Paragraph 5: A counter point & your response to the counter point Paragraph 6: Conclusion This outline will vary though depending on how you want to address the question and how you connect the ideas. Just remember that paragraphs should not be more than about 75% the length of a
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Instructions_2010 - IB35AC Paper Assignment Instructions...

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