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IB35AC Human Biological Variation Fall 2010 Paper Topic #1 Medical Genetic Testing: Are there instances when it should be required? Over the last decade at least 21 college football players have died as a result of the intense cardiovascular training; it was later found that 8 of them were carriers for sickle cell anemia (they were heterozygous for HbS/A, see class #16, October 19, 2010). In April 2010 the NCAA’s Division I Legislative Council responded by passing a requirement that all participating athletes have a blood test to determine whether or not they have sickle cell trait ( news/background+on+sickle+cell+trait+and+the+ncaa ). Much of the controversy around the NCAA’s decision revolves around the concern of discrimination (Thomas and Zarda, 2010), which serves as an example of the concern about medical genetic testing more generally (McNamee et al., 2009). An interesting contrast, however, is the legal requirement at the state level for all newborns to be screened for
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