Assignment 1 2010-11 Fall

Assignment 1 2010-11 Fall - Qatar University Department of...

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Qatar University Department of Chemistry: CHEM 241 2010-11 Fall Term Assignment 1: Gases Hand in: Tuesday October 5 in class. Student name: __________________________ Student number: __________________________ Give your full answer in the spaces below, including the calculations, but enter your final answer on the line shown. And don’t forget the units!! Assignments must be submitted on paper (hard copy) not on- line! 1. Benzene is a common industrial petrochemical. It is however a known carcinogen, and there are very strict workplace safety standards for benzene exposure. The generally accepted TLV (Threshold Limit Value) for benzene in air in the workplace is 1 ppm for an 8 hr/day 40 hr/wk exposure. Calculate the amount of benzene (i.e., its total mass in the laboratory air) in a laboratory of 10x20x3m at 1 atm pressure and at 20 o C when the benzene vapour concentration is 1 ppm (parts per million mass concentration). Assume air to be 80% N 2 and 20% O 2 and behaving as an ideal gas. Answer: mass of benzene = _______ ____
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2. Calculate the density of CO 2 gas at 40 o C and p = 1 atm. (This temperature is just above the critical temperature of carbon dioxide, see problem 3 on the following page), a). Assuming that CO 2 is an ideal gas under these conditions. Hint: to calculate the density, use the ideal gas equation to calculate the number of moles e.g. in 1 m
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Assignment 1 2010-11 Fall - Qatar University Department of...

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