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ECE4570 Lab #3 -CV Characterization Of Page 1 of 1 Spring 2010 Name: Date of Lab: Lab Section: Date of Submission: April 28, 2010 Instruments : Samples: Software: Silicon MOS Capcitors: Capacitance-Voltage Characteristics Calculated MOS Parameters Parameter Flat Band Voltage (volts) Threshold Voltage (volts) Depletion Regime Accumation Regime Inversion Regime  (place gate oxide CV curves here)
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Unformatted text preview: (place gate oxide CV curves here) (one set of linear axes & 6 curves) (one set of linear axes & 3 curves) (label Cox & Vth) Gate & Field Oxide MOS Capacitors IllumComment Block (place gate & field oxide CV curves here) (one set of linear axes & 2 curves) N A sub = cm-3 Gate Oxide (t ox = 70 Field Oxide (t ox = 1.125 μ m) Flat Band Cap. (F/cm 2 ) Oxide Cap./Area (F/cm 2 ) (label C ox & V th for each)...
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