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March 11, 2010 ECE 4570 Assignment # 3 (Rev. 1) Spring 2010 Concepts: Metal Semiconductor Contacts - Schottky Contact, Ohmic Contact, Depletion char- acteristics, IV curves, CV curves Reading Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits : Chp. 3, All Sec- tions Homework Problems (Due Friday , Mar. 19, Ph311, under the door by 5 pm) 1. Text Book Problems a) Problem 3.1 b) Problem 3.5 2. Text Book Problem 3.10 3. Text Book Problem 3.15 4. Text Book Problem 3.17 5. Consider a pair of back-to-back GaAs Schottky diodes fabricated by shadow evapo- ration of Au contacts. The large area diode contact is roughly a factor of 100 larger than the small area contact, hence for two capacitors in series the small contact dominates the measured capacitance. Its diameter is 125 microns.
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Unformatted text preview: a) If the diode barrier height is 0.9 eV and the sample has a uniform doping concentration of 10 17 cm-3 donors, then calculate and plot the 1 C 2 versus voltage from - 1.0 to + 0.1 volts? Label the curve’s slope and voltage axes intercept. b) Repeat part a) with a donor density of 6(10 17 ) cm-3 . Assume all donors are ionized, and the fermi energy is at the conduction band edge. c) Draw thermal equilibrium band diagrams corresponding to parts a) and c) labeling everything. Note: The relative dielectric constant for GaAs is 13.1 and its effective density of states in the conduction band is 4 . 7(10 17 ) cm-3 . THE END...
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