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HUM130 Appendix B week 4

HUM130 Appendix B week 4 - Axia College Material Appendix B...

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Axia College Material Appendix B 7 Question Final Project Plan What religion would you like to consider for your final project? Describe the place of worship you will visit. Christianity is the religion I choose for my final project. I will be visiting the Ider Church of God. What do you already know about this topic? I know that this religion is based on the belief in God and worshipping him. What resource will you use to find a place of worship for this religion? My grandmother goes to church at an Ider Church of God. I do not know a lot about any religion. This religion would be the one I would be most interested in, because it is an American religion. What are some sources you could use to gain more knowledge about this religion? http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/christian.html http://mb-soft.com/believe/text/christia.htm http://www.christianinformation.org/ These are some of the websites I will be using for information. I will also be using the Holy Bible.
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