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CHEM140B_2009_Syllabus0 - Final Syllabus CHEM 140B Spring...

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Final Syllabus CHEM 140B Spring 2009 Tu, Th 2:00-3:20 pm, room 108, Peterson Hall INSTRUCTOR: Professor Tadeusz MOLINSKI , room 5100E Pacific Hall (PCH) WebCT: I will be using WebCT for all course-related materials and communication. Course materials, will be found on WebCT only . See http://webctweb.ucsd.edu Email: To communicate with me on class issues, use WebCT only, please. LECTURES: You are strongly advised to read chapters ahead of the lectures! OFFICE HOURS: Instructor, Tu, Th 11-12 noon, Pacific Hall (PCH) 5100E TEXT: Organic Chemistry, 5th Edition, by K. Vollhardt and N. Schore Study Guide and for Organic Chemistry , 5th Edition, by N. Schore ADDITIONAL READING: the following are well-ranked O-chem texts with additional problems: Organic Chemistry , by John McMurry, Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd. Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice. MOLECULAR MODELS: Required . You should already have these from CHEM 140A. If not, order them today. Since all three parts of CHEM140 will cover stereochemical aspects of mechanism, transition states, etc. models are extremely valuable to any undertaking in organic chemistry. The bookstore has several types but please see me for a less expensive , more flexible recommendation. Practice with them frequently, because models will not be allowed in exams . Teaching Assistants: email office hours/location (PCH or **), Lyndsay RANDOLPH [email protected] M 10-11**am,Tu 5:30-6:30 pm, 6219 Kim NEGOESCU [email protected] Th 5-6 pm, F 1-2 pm, 4120 Gabriel REYES-RODRIGUEZ [email protected] F 2-4 pm, 5215 Chen ZHAO [email protected] W 1-3 pm 5213 ** Espresso Roma (Price Center) GRADES: Midterm 1: ( MT1 ), 30 April 100 pts Midterm 2: ( MT2 ), 21 May 100 pts Final ( F ): 9 June (3-6 pm) 200 pts Total 400 pts The Challenges! I will offer challenge problems during the quarter, based on chemical literature. These require short, written answers, often requiring chemical diagrams and short explanations. These are not mandatory, but if you submit handwritten, original answers you could receive a bonus to increase your grades!! You could score 110% on your O-chem grade . Details to follow.
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